Advisory Council

Last Updated: 10/25/2018 7:29 PM

An advisory council made up of parents, community leaders 

and school personnel provides the Family Resource Center 

with guidance to help with achieving its goals.


Marshall Jenkins, Chair - EV Parent

Holli Litteral, Co-Chair - Community, WES

Tracy Brown - Parent, EVES

Christina Engle - Parent, EVES

Ashley Oldfield - Parent, WES

Chris Lacy - Parent, WES

Jessie Ferguson - Parent, WES

Shanna Reed - Teacher, MCES

Patty Hammons - Teacher, EVES

Shelley Cole - Teacher, WES

Trish Cox - Secretary, Central Office

Vickie Oldfield - Principal, MCHS

Ralph Hamilton - DPP, Director Pupil Personnel

Angie Elliott - Community

Evan Oneal - Community

Nellie Buchanan - Community

Deborah Brewer - Community

Shannon Elam - Community

Angela Ferguson-FRC Coordinator