Course Info

Medicaid Nurse Aide 170631

Credits: 1 to 2
Required Course

An instructional program that prepares individuals to perform routine nursing-related services to patients in hospitals or long-term care facilities under the training and supervision of an approved registered nurse. State Registry is available upon successful completion of state written and performance examination. Prior to offering this course, the instructor and health science program must be approved for meeting state requirements set by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Students will:

  1. Practice good personal hygiene.
  2. Maintain good personal health.
  3. Exhibit acceptable behavior.
  4. Work cooperatively with others.
  5. Maintain confidentiality.
  6. Observe the Resident’s Rights.
  7. Identify and report abuse or neglect to appropriate person.
  8. Use plan of care to meet resident’s needs.
  9. Communicate with resident, family, and staff.
  10. Assist resident in use of intercom/callsystem/telephone.
  11. Report observations/information to appropriate personnel.
  12. Recognize health problems related to the aging process.
  13. Recognize needs of the resident with cognitive impairment.
  14. Assist with providing recreational activities for the resident.
  15. Assist with giving postmortem care.
  16. Follow standard precautions and bloodborne pathogensstandard.
  17. Wash hands aseptically.
  18. Provide for environmental safety.
  19. Adjust bed and side rails.
  20. Assist with application of protective devices.
  21. Report unsafe conditions to appropriate person.
  22. Assist with care of resident with oxygen.
  23. Follow fire and disaster plan.
  24. Assist resident who has fallen.
  25. Assist resident who has fainted.
  26. Assist resident who is having a seizure.
  27. Clear the obstructed airway - the conscious adult.
  28. Using elevation, direct pressure, and pressure points to control bleeding.
  29. Serve meals and collect trays.
  30. Recognize diet modifications/restrictions.
  31. Check food tray against diet list.
  32. Feed or assist resident in eating.
  33. Administer after meal care.
  34. Record and report intake and output.
  35. Give bed bath.
  36. Assist resident with the partial bath.
  37. Assist resident with tub bath.