Board Of Education

Leatha McKenzie Helwig
Leatha McKenzie Helwig
Title: Board Member


Pink- Letha Helwig (B101 & B102) (5)

Purple- Jesse Clinger (C101 & C102) (2)

Blue- Roger Finch (E101, E102, E103) (4)

Green- Mary Alice Oldfield (D101 & D102) (3)

Orange- Esther Cain (A101, A102, A103) (1)


Member Name: Leatha McKenzie Helwig
District Serving: 5
Member Address:

247 Goble Wallin Rd

West Liberty, KY 41472

Member Phone: 606 522-3584
Board Service:

Board of Education Member, Elected 2018


Employed with Morgan County Board of Education 

Substitute with Morgan County Board of Education

Pharmacy Tech, Physical Therapist Tech

Past Volunteer Fire Fighter, Past Little League Cheerleading Volunteer

Education: High School Graduate 1990
Occupation: Deputy Clerk, Morgan County Circuit Clerk's Office

Husband Stephen Helwig, son Tanner, daughter Layla

Term Expiration: End of 2022